Welcome to Chaostreff Winterthur!

A Chaostreff in CCC Switzerland

Who are you?

Chaostreff Winterthur is a group of technicians, artists, hackers and anarchists, who like to do crazy projects. We're all from Winterthur or around, or are related to people from here.

How to contact us

We don't have rooms yet, so we're all living in Global Village. You can reach us quickly by email to mail@chaostreff.dingens.org. There you can find at least falcon and Volker, who are answering questions and making contact. As an alternative, you can find us on the Chaostreff server of CCC Switzerland.

What are you doing there?

I.E. we're working on theater projects, are doing arts, or just have fun with the device. We're all following the hacker ethics.

Can I join in?

Yes, sure! Just send an email, please, or join Channel #ccc on the IRC-Server.